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medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders

Follow Directions - How To Use Methadone Safely

Follow Directions - How To Use Methadone Safely

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Follow Directions

How to Use Methadone Safely

Methadone is safe and effective in relieving pain and treating individuals who suffer from addiction and dependence on heroin and narcotic pain medicines. Still, all medicines have risks. Here's how to safely reduce the risks when taking methadone.

  • Share your complete health history with health professionals, listing other medications you may be taking and any medical conditions you may have.
  • Take only the amount prescribed, at the times prescribed.
  • Don't consume alcohol, and take care when driving or operating machinery.
  • Keep methadone away from children and never give it to anyone else. It may cause heart problems or an overdose.
  • Contact a medical professional if you have difficulty breathing; feel faint; develop hives or a rash; have swelling in the face, lips, tongue, or throat; experience chest pain or pounding heartbeat; develop hallucinations; or become confused.

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